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The faster you Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys. The faster we can get you loved one out of Van Nuys Jail. There is a process that must occur in order to get released. This process depending on the workload the Van Nuys Jail has. The Van Nuys Jail usually takes anywhere from 30 minutes – 2 hours to release an inmate. That is why it is important to Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys at (818) 994-2245 or fill out form below as soon as possible.

Other Release Options

If you decided not to Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys. These are other options for release:

Cash Bail – Requires cash payment of the total bail amount directly with the Van Nuys Jail. this can be a decent alternative for people who have a low bail amount. However posting cash bail in large amounts has it’s drawbacks. The person making the payment must be able to show the supply of the cash. To confirm that it was not acquired through misappropriated means. To avoid this Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys now!

Property Bonds – this feature involves using a property with the court. This method takes many weeks, comparable to a real estate transaction. The Equity on the property should be a minimum of one hundred and fiftieth of the bail bond amount. There is also some fees involved. The court will foreclose on your property if the person doesn’t appear in court. Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys, In most cases we do not require property as collateral.

Cite Out – Is when an individual is put in jail, then freed once given a citation to come back to court. this is often common for minor infractions and traffic tickets. If the person cited fails to show up to court, the court will issued an arrest warrant. If you do not get cited out you can still Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys to bail out.

Own recognizance (O.R.) – Is when a defendant is freed with a written promise to appear to their court dates. solely the judge can grant an individual an “O.R.”. There are many things that a judge typically takes into thought when granting an inmate a O.R. Some factors include the seriousness of the crime, criminal history, employment, ties to family and local community to see the likelihood that the person can take flight. An O.R. is not a sure bet even if the person in jail satisfies all factors. If the judge doesn’t grant you loved one an O.R. Contact Bail Bonds Van Nuys at: (818) 994-2245 or fill out form below and get him out of jail now.

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